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Last Updated March 6, 2018

Our mission is to provide affordable products and services for improving the quality of life and healthcare outcomes of patients with a variety of medical needs.

NOTE: The information provided on OnTimeRx® is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.

AmeliaPlex, Inc. is a privately owned and self-funded Florida corporation, founded in 1996 by a career pharmacist, Susan Torrico, and a small group of associates. The company's sole purpose is creating, developing and marketing a variety of simple solutions for complex problems related to healthcare.

Pharmacist Susan Torrico is the owner of this site, and the designer/developer of the medication compliance tools and services offered on this site. The recommendations for using OnTimeRx® tools and services to improve compliance are authored by Susan Torrico, based on her 35-year career in pharmacy and represent the "best practices" advice of a health care professional.

Medication noncompliance is a well-documented and very complex healthcare problem that costs this country billions of dollars annually, simply because people forget to do what is required to take proper care of their own health care needs.

This company set out to create a patient-focused compliance system that would be simple enough to be used by everyone. We developed a proprietary hand held timer device and software to program reminder alarms in 1997. This system was field tested by a local transplant center and it improved compliance from 50% to 85%, which encouraged us to proceed.

About this same time, Palm, Inc. introduced the popular Palm Pilot hand held devices. We saw the benefits of utilizing this technology and had our software rebuilt for the Palm OS platform. The resulting software is an award-winning medication reminder application that satisfies very specific patient needs on hardware that is used all over the world. OnTimeRx® is recognized as the premier application for managing medications, and is a featured personal healthcare software program on all major Palm OS® vendor sites.

We are very excited about our newest venture, OnTimeRx® automated reminders, which is a web-based reminder scheduling and notification service for phones, pagers, and email. OnTimeRx® is now able to meet the reminder needs of millions of land line and cell phone-users, in addition to our current OnTimeRx® smart phone and PDA-users. Expanding on the original OnTimeRx® reminder concept, the OnTimeRx® automated reminder service sends scheduled medication reminders to a variety of mobile devices and home phones. This telephonic option further advances the mission of AmeliaPlex, Inc. and helps us meet our original goal of providing affordable tools to improve quality of life and healthcare outcomes.

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Lisa Orban, PhD Pediatric Infectious Diseases Researcher
This clever little program does everything except order the medication. Healthcare providers and adherence counselors now have a sophisticated, yet user-friendly tool to recommend to adults and teens alike.

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