Reminder Service FAQ

Q: What type of reminders does the OnTimeRx® service provide?

A: OnTimeRx® subscription plans allow you to schedule and receive phone, SMS (text messages), and/or email reminders - in any combination you want.

NOTE: Unless you have an unlimited data plan, many phone service providers charge extra for delivering SMS (text message) reminders. Check with your service provider to find out exactly what your data plan covers. If it is not unlimited, you may want to upgrade your phone data service to avoid surprises on your phone bill.

Q: How can the reminders be delivered?

A: OnTimeRx® delivers reminders to:

  • Any mobile phone, including:
    iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS
  • Any phone with data service
  • Any home phone or land line
  • Any email Inbox – on a phone or PC or laptop

Q: Can my schedule be changed after it's been set up?

A: Absolutely. OnTimeRx® is designed to work for you. Log into your secure OnTimeRx® account and tweak your schedule any time. Make all the changes you need and as often as necessary. Many subscribers revise their alert schedule for vacations, out-of-town meetings, or when adding or changing medications.

Q: Will my reminders be delivered precisely at the scheduled time?

A: All reminders are schedule in 15 minute increments. Depending on user traffic, there can be a slight delay of a few minutes, but reminders will be well within the 1-hour window that is considered "on time" for most medications. If more precise dosing schedules are required, use the full-featured OnTimeRx® Medication Reminder software. (Palm®, PocketPC®, Windows Mobile®, or BlackBerry® device required).

Q: What if I can't take my medication right when I receive the reminder?

A: It’s always best to take your pills as soon as you receive any reminder. But if you can’t stop what you’re doing, develop a system to avoid missing doses.

If you answer the phone when you get a voice reminder, there will be no further reminder message. So it’s a good idea to write a “sticky note” to yourself to avoid missing those doses.

If you ignore the phone reminder call, the reminder message will go to voice mail or to an answering machine so it can be heard later.

An OnTimeRx® email message will display A-Reminder@OnTimeRx.com as the sender. It will remain in your smartphone or desktop Inbox until read or deleted. However, an additional "backup reminder" might be helpful for certain situations. Simply schedule a second alert 15-30 minutes after the first one to make sure you don't forget any truly critical medications.

Q: I use OnTimeRx® software now. Why would I use OnTimeRx® Reminder Services, too?

A: This reminder system can be used in conjunction with OnTimeRx® software. Some people use OnTimeRx on a PDA or PC at home and may use OnTimeRx® to send reminders to a PC at work or to their BlackBerry or smartphone only during working hours. Use any combination that works best for you..

Q: If I'm in an area with no cellphone service, or the signal strength is too low, will I still receive my alerts on my smartphone?

A: Obviously, if your phone is out of range, out of juice, or switched off, you won't receive much of anything. OnTimeRx® will always send reminders as scheduled, but we have no way of guaranteeing that those will get through to you.

Q: How is my personal health data protected online?

A: Your personal data is password protected in your secure user account and profile.

Q: Is my profile and data accessible to anyone else?

A: Your sensitive data will not be shared with third-parties. Please review our Privacy Policy. You can limit access to your data by closely guarding your username and password. Do not give this information to anyone unless they are a part of your family or your health care team.

Q: Can I let my pharmacist or someone else help me set things up correctly?

A: There's nothing wrong with asking for help whenever it's needed. If you are comfortable giving another person permission to access your account, they can certainly help you set up your reminders and health information. We want this system to work well for all subscribers. The OnTimeRx® system does not fall under HIPAA regulations, but we believe the privacy of our customer's data is crucial. You alone must decide who can have access to your OnTimeRx® account.

Q: Can I get assistance from OnTimeRx® if I have questions about managing my OnTimeRx account?

A: Yes, Contact OnTimeRx® and email us detailed information about your support issues and we will respond within 1-2 business days with answers and/or suggestions.

Q: If I decide to cancel my subscription, what happens to my online profile data?

A: During the cancel process you will have the opportunity to delete all data. If you choose to do nothing, the data will still be password protected. In order to regain access to previously entered data, you will need to purchase a new subscription to reactivate your account.

Q: If I cancel, will I get a refund for the unused part of my subscription?

A: In order to keep our subscription costs low, we offer subscription plans to fit most users' needs. You can upgrade your plan at any time, but unfortunately, we cannot give refunds for unused time.

Reminder Products and Mobile Device FAQ

Q: Which hand held devices will OnTimeRx® work on?

A: OnTimeRx® works on the entire line of popular Palm® smartphones and Palm® hand held devices (running PalmOS v3.3 and above). That's a lot of devices! We also have a version that works on all Windows Mobile /Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003 SE devices. Our latest BlackBerry software version works on all non-touchscreen BlackBerry devices. NOTE: Our OnTimeRx® -Windows desktop program works on Windows XP, Vista and Win-7 machines. Contact OnTimeRx® if you're not sure about your device.

Q: Can I use OnTimeRx for other members of my family?

A: Yes, you can, although we don't recommend it for more than 2 or 3 other people - or pets.

Here's how: Enter your own medications by Drug Names only. Use a first initial or other identifier before any Drug Names for another person or pet. Their meds will be easy to spot on Alarm screens and they'll also be grouped together on MyMeds list, like this:

  • R-Multivitamin
  • R-Stresstabs
  • R-Toprol-XL
  • R-Zocor 40mg

Read more about using OnTimeRx for other family members.

Q: My parents are forgetting to take their pills. Will this help them?

A: OnTimeRx® is designed to remind and it can be very helpful if you are a family caregiver. It is easy to set up reminders for parents so you don’t have to watch the clock. OnTimeRx® helps everyone stay on track - from adolescents to baby boomers and beyond. Forgetting to take medications is not an age-related problem. Everyone can get distracted and forget to do things.

Q: Where do I find the drug information to set up their medication schedule or my own?

A: The Drug name, strength, dose, and directions are all on your prescription (Rx) labels and on the labels of Over-the-Counter (OTC) products. Additional information is found in pharmacy information handouts; and your pharmacist or doctor can easily answer any other medication or dosing questions.

Our Palm User Manual shows how to set up your OnTimeRx® schedule on your Palm, using this information.

Q: What happens when the alarm goes off?

A: You simply read the display screen, do what it says, and press the YES button. This records that the dose was taken or a ToDo task was completed. The log makes it easy to check back and verify whether a dose was taken or not.

Q: What if I don't or can't hear the alarms?

A: The On-Time-Rx® system gives you lots of alerts! There are 3 built-in snoozes for each alarm event. If you don't hear it the first time, the alarm will sound again in 10 minutes and it will repeat 2 more times. If you don't respond to any of those alarms within an hour, the medication is logged as a "missed" dose. There is a selection of 'bugle call' sounds, which are longer and easier for some users to hear. Contact OnTimeRx® to request this free file.

Q: What if the display goes blank before I finish taking all of my pills?

A: Simply tap the On/Off button to turn the display back on and continue.

NOTE: There's no need to actually swallow each pill while that alarm screen is displayed.

Just be sure you can identify all of the pills in your hand, as you log each one - THEN you can take all of your pills.

Q: Can I beam this program to a friend who wants to try On-Time-Rx®?

A: Yes, please do! The FREE 30-day On-Time-Rx® trial can be beamed easily, right from the OnTimeRx® Menu, in 10-15 seconds. No special set up required. (Rest assured, it only beams the empty program - not any of your personal data.)

Q: What happens after the 30-day Trial expires?

A: You must purchase a registration to continue using OnTimeRx® beyond the 30 day trial period. The program will not function until you enter a specific Unlock Key for your device. However, you won't lose any of your data. Everything will still be there - as if time stood still. Note: You can still beam the Trial as long as it resides on your Palm PDA - even if the trial has expired.

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