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Reminder Service

OnTimeRx® Automated Reminders can be sent to any home phone, cell phone, or smart phone. OnTimeRx® turns ordinary devices into healthcare tools, so you already have all the equipment you need.

Many of our subscribers are caregivers, who find OnTimeRx® automated phone reminders useful for a variety of activities. They schedule reminders for an aging parent and also utilize personal reminders on their cell when out and about. It's a great way to reduce stress and make sure everyone is taking medications on time. If the reminder call is not answered, it will go to voicemail or to an answering machine.

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Reminders When You Need Them


OnTimeRx reminders work for you 24 hours a day, so you just have to make sure your phone is "on".

  • Set reminders for the times pills should be taken.
  • Set reminders for prescription refills, labs, & routine medical procedures
  • Set reminders to review/print your 911 data before doctor appointments
  • Use reminders as a morning wake up call or after an afternoon nap

Manage Your Medical History


Having a current Meds list and 911info readily available can save valuable time in an emergency. Enter all of your 911 data online in your secure account and update it often. Review everything for accuracy and print it out before each doctor visit:

  • Printout your 911 Health Data
  • Print the MyMeds List
  • Login to review and update your secure data routinely
  • Access your secure data online anytime - 24/7/365

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Answer your automated call and you'll hear: "Hello, this is your reminder..." followed by your own personalized message.

OnTimeRx reminders help people to take their pills and stay healthy.
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Your scheduled SMS (text messages) will help you to remember to take your medications with reminders like, "Time to use your eye drops. Always wash your hands first!" NOTE: The use of SMS (text messages) may result in additional charges from your phone service provider.

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Scheduled email reminders work for daily dosing and routine refill reminders. You create custom email messages like, "It's 8AM. Take these pills now: multi-vitamin, fish oil, Glucosamine, Lutein, and Stresstabs."

We have Service Plans that provide 1 call or SMS reminder a day – up to as many as 6 reminders a day. Decide how many reminders you'll need each month, then choose the service plan that fits your needs. (All Phone/SMS Plans have a few extras for test messages and one-time events.)

Jim Miller of Savvy Senior recommends OnTimeRx® on TV. See the video:

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OnTimeRx® can turn a phone into a powerful reminder tool for managing any medication regimen - simple or complex. Read our FAQ. If you still have questions, please contact us.