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Home Screen

The Home Screen is used to quickly access the features and functions in this application: MyMeds, PillTime, Settings, Log, 911 and About Info.


My Meds

Tap the "Add" button to enter a new drug record. Drug names displayed in bold font on MyMeds are Routine drugs that have recurring scheduled alarms set.

A drug shown in regular font does not have alarms preset. Those are drugs that are only taken when needed and are logged at that time.

The number displayed after a drug name is the remaining Days Supply.


Drug Entry

The Drug Name and Strength is entered on Drug Entry. The dosing Info is added on the Medication Info, Schedule, and Repeat buttons. Most doses are taken Daily, but other options can be easily scheduled.


Med Info

Dosing Info for a drug record is filled in by simply tapping editable dropdown lists to replicate the information found on the prescription label. All dropdown lists can be edited to suit user needs.



Alarm times are set for each scheduled dose and this creates the Pill Time display.


Pill Time

This screen displays all of the alarm events on the current medication schedule. A blue TAKE button indicates that a dose can be taken now. It is within the allowed drug administration window of 1 hour before or 1 hour after the scheduled dose time. Any drug record can be accessed from this screen to edit drug info or adjust alarm times and repeat settings.



It’s easy to check the Log to see what was done. Each alarm event is recorded as Y, M, or C.

Y = Yes, the dose was logged as taken by the user.
M = Missed, the dose was not taken. There was no response from the user.
C = Changed, a Missed dose was corrected on the Log Details.

Log data is used to calculate the overall Compliance % Rate. Log Details can be edited to accurately display the Compliance Rate for each drug.


911 Info

It is important to keep your health data current and available at all times. Your Personal Medical History and other pertinent health Info can be stored in the 911 feature. Simply tap the 911 Info button to quickly review your medical details. Any category displayed in Bold indicates that data is available and can be expanded to view.


OnTimeRx® compatible with Android devices. Requires minimum of Android 2.3

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David Gurney, a nurse and a transplant patient in London.
This program is keeping my transplanted kidney alive and well! I heartily recommend this software. The alarms will train you into the habit of taking your medication. The support is brilliant and the PC based application helps you prove to your Dr that your are taking your drugs :-)

OnTimeRx® software can turn nearly any PDA into a powerful reminder tool for managing any medication regimen - simple or complex.

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