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To open OnTimeRx®, select the application icon.
App Icon

Menu Button
The Menu button displays the actions that can be taken on any given screen. Select Settings to enter user preferences from the Home screen. Highlight and press the trackball or the Enter key to open MyMeds or ToDo feature. Select New to enter a new Drug record or ToDo event. Select Edit to change or review an existing Drug or ToDo. TIPS are included to describe the functions, and highlight any item to Delete it.

Home Screen

Home Screen

The buttons on the Home screen are used to access MyMeds, PillTime, ToDo, 911 Info, and Log Data. These are the main features and functions in this application.

Drug records and To Do events can be set up quickly to accommodate any medication schedule


Medications in Bold font on MyMeds list are Routine Drugs, which have recurring scheduled alarms set.

Regular font items have no alarms set or are PRN drugs that are only taken when needed, so no alarms can be preset.

The current Days Supply [30] is in brackets for each drug.


Displays all of the alarm events on the current medication schedule. The drug record can be accessed from this screen to edit and adjust times and start date.

Bold items on PillTime indicate the NEXT scheduled alarm for any drug or event.

Alarm Screen

  • Read the instructions.
  • Do what it says. Tap Details (if displayed).
  • Tap YES or No (if done/not done).

It's that SIMPLE!

Auto-snooze alarms repeat every 10 min. for 30 min. if there's no response. Tap Wait 15 or Wait 30 to delay auto-alarms, if desired.


Each alarm event or task is recorded and Compliance % Rate overall is displayed on the Log.

"Y" for Yes - indicates the pill was taken or the task was done.

"N" for No - indicates it was not taken,

"M" indicates the dose or event was Missed,

"C" indicates a Missed event was Changed or Corrected.

Select any drug name on the Log and click Edit on the Menu button to view the compliance rate for that specific drug.

Log Details can be edited.

It's easy to check back to see what was done. Tap any Drug or ToDo on the Log to view Log Details and check the compliance rate for that specific drug.

911 Info

Your Personal Medical History and Other Health Information can be kept in the 911 feature. It's important to keep the data current at all times and have your PDA with you.

Tap the 911 button anytime you need to quickly access and display the most pertinent information. It's easy to provide answers to questions about your particular condition by scrolling through a few 911 screens.


OnTimeRx® works on non-touch BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry OS v4.5 or higher. (It does NOT work on the Storm.)

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The Use of PDAs to Improve Treatment Adherence in Patients with Diabetes
A small group of primary care researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine Department of Family & Community Medicine looked at ways to improve adherence to medication treatment plans. Dr. William Curry, MD, MS conducted a randomized trial in participants with diabetes who were taking three or more medications. He recruited over 100 adults. Those participating were randomly assigned to an intervention group or a control group. Each group had their medications counted on a monthly basis for six months. The intervention group received a PDA - personal digital assistant - with the OnTimeRx medication reminder software. Dr Curry's theory was that those using the PDA tool would be better adherent to their medication schedules and show better control of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

This study was preceded by a pilot study in the fall of 2005, in which 10 individuals aged 36 to 87 years participated in a one month trial using the PDA and OnTimeRx software. Adherence for those using the PDA device exceeded 95% in almost all participants, with a 97% rate in the eldest participant.

OnTimeRx® software can turn nearly any PDA into a powerful reminder tool for managing any medication regimen - simple or complex.

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