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OnTimeRx® software turns common everyday devices into powerful reminder tools for managing any medication regimen - simple or complex.

OnTimeRx® application works with iOS systems, such as iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

OnTimeRx® application works with Android devices. Requires minimum of Android 2.3

OnTimeRx® works on all PalmOS® smartphones and hand held devices. It is Classic Certified and works on the new Palm WebOS smartphones. OnTimeRx® versions are available for Pocket PC hand held devices and touchscreen Windows Mobile smartphones. OnTimeRx® also works on non-touchscreen BlackBerry smartphones.

OnTimeRx® can store all of your patient information as a portable medical history. Your personal data is easy to view directly on the device. This information can save valuable time in an emergency or at a hospital admission.

OnTimeRx® software will simplify your life and you'll soon wonder how you ever got along without it!

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Windows Pill Reminder PPC Pill Reminder Palm PDA Pill Reminder

Popular Features

Routine or PRN Drug Categories

All Drug Entry Records are designated either Routine (default) or PRN. Routine drugs are taken on a routine schedule. PRN drugs are only taken when needed.

Hourly Frequency

Hourly Frequencies are used to schedule evenly spaced alarms for Routine drug doses on a 12-hour interval or around the clock. A combination Hourly/PRN dose can be set, and a message displays asking if an alarm should be set for the next allowed dose.

As Needed Frequency

The As Needed frequency is used for Drugs that are taken randomly when needed for conditions like: headaches, heartburn, allergies, and nausea. No alarms are pre-set.

Take Now

The Take Now button is used to log an early dose of a routine drug or to record taking a dose of a PRN (As Needed) drug on the Log.


PillTime is your medication schedule and the NEXT scheduled alarm is indicated in Bold or with a Dot.


BOLD items on MyMeds list are Routine Drugs with recurring scheduled alarms set. Regular font items have no scheduled alarms set.

Days Supply

Each drug alarm screen displays the remaining Days Supply to help you avoid running out of medication.

* Easy to Set Up * A Pleasure to Use *

  • For anyone who needs to take medications routinely
  • For caregivers who manage a patient's medication schedule
  • For complicated drug regimens, such as: diabetics, organ transplant
  • recipients, HIV/AIDS patients, memory impairment, and seizure disorders
  • For people and for pets alike - OnTimeRx® reminders can be a real lifesaver

Testimonial from Larry Mullette, Billings, MT
I have been using OnTimeRX on my Palm PDA for the last few years and can only say that it is in a class by itself. I had never taken the step to purchase the Windows version until recently. When my Palm died, the only thing that I really missed was the OnTimeRX. I felt like I had lost a limb. Being able to access my medication records on my PC was a real relief.

I have been using this program to track not only my current medications, but also ones that I have used in the past. Due to several medical problems, the doctors have been doing a great deal of trial and error to get combinations of medications that will work for me. I would use the "Notes" feature to list dates used, side effects and any other information that might be necessary when talking to the doctor.

The ability to remind me of multiple medications and times to take them was a great help to me. Also to be able to track the number or pills remaining as well as the number or refills available is extremely helpful.

While there are many similar programs available out there, this is the only one that is worth spending time or money on. I can highly recommend this program and the customer service as the best there is. Everyone taking multiple medications should be using this and also showing it to their family, friends, physicians, and pharmacists. Thank you for being there to help.