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Award-winning OnTimeRx® is the BEST reminder solution available for Palm OS devices. Developed by a pharmacist and first launched in 2000, this simple and effective Palm application is known for its simplicity and reliability. All of our other software platforms use the original OnTimeRx program design, which has earned respect and praise from thousands of loyal users around the world. OnTimeRx® for Palm also works on the latest Palm WebOS phones running the Classic Palm emulator.

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Reminders When You Need Them

OnTimeRx enables you to easily manage any medication schedule around the clock. It will quickly become an important and vital part of your healthcare routine.

  • Automatic snooze reminders for any scheduled event.
  • Automatic alarm responses recorded on an Activity Log.
  • Remaining Days Supply displayed on MyMeds and each Alarm Screen.
  • Overall compliance rate displayed on Log Screen.

Manage Your Medical History

Having your Meds list and 911info current and readily available can save valuable time in an emergency.

  • MyMeds button displays a complete list of every drug you take
  • 911 data should include Allergies and other Special Cautions
  • List dates of Surgeries, Medical Procedures, and Hospital Stays
  • Include phone numbers of your Doctors and Primary Contacts
  • Protect any sensitive personal data with PIN-security feature


OnTimeRx® for Palm devices running Palm OS v3.3 or higher. OnTimeRx also works on the latest Palm WebOS phones running the Classic Palm emulator.

Testimonial from Larry Mullette, Billings, MT
I have been using OnTimeRX on my Palm PDA for the last few years and can only say that it is in a class by itself. I had never taken the step to purchase the Windows version until recently. When my Palm died, the only thing that I really missed was the OnTimeRX. I felt like I had lost a limb. Being able to access my medication records on my PC was a real relief.

I have been using this program to track not only my current medications, but also ones that I have used in the past. Due to several medical problems, the doctors have been doing a great deal of trial and error to get combinations of medications that will work for me. I would use the "Notes" feature to list dates used, side effects and any other information that might be necessary when talking to the doctor.

The ability to remind me of multiple medications and times to take them was a great help to me. Also to be able to track the number or pills remaining as well as the number or refills available is extremely helpful.

While there are many similar programs available out there, this is the only one that is worth spending time or money on. I can highly recommend this program and the customer service as the best there is. Everyone taking multiple medications should be using this and also showing it to their family, friends, physicians, and pharmacists. Thank you for being there to help.

OnTimeRx® software can turn nearly any PDA into a powerful reminder tool for managing any medication regimen - simple or complex.

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