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Menu Dropdown

The Menu button displays a list of additional healthcare features and information. Tap "Beam OTRx Trial" to quickly beam the empty application directly from this Menu. Drug records and To Do events can also be beamed -individually or as a block of data - to quickly set up a medication schedule for someone else.



This feature is particularly helpful in planning your healthcare day.

ToDoToday displays all scheduled events on any selected date. The split screen shows medications at the top - ToDo events at the bottom. Both lists scroll up or down as necessary.

New Meds and To Do events can be entered from this screen.



BOLD items on MyMeds list are Routine Drugs, which have recurring scheduled alarms.

Regular font Drug items have no alarms set or are PRN drugs that are only taken when needed, so no alarms can be preset.

All Drug Entry Records are either Routine or PRN.


Pill Time

Displays all of the alarm events on the current medication schedule. The times and start date can be accessed from this screen.

BOLD items on PillTime or ToDoToday list indicate the NEXT scheduled alarm for any drug or event.


Alarm Screen

When Alarm goes off:

  1. Read the instructions.
  2. Do what it says. Tap Details (if displayed).
  3. Tap YES or No (if done/not done).

It's that SIMPLE!

Auto-snooze alarms repeat every 10 min. for 30 min. if there's no response.

Tap Wait 15 or Wait 30 to delay auto-alarms, if desired.



Each alarm event or activity is recorded and the Overall Compliance % Rate is displayed on the Log.

"Y" for Yes - indicates the pill was taken or the task was done.

"N" for No - indicates it was not taken,

"M" indicates the dose or event was Missed,

"C" indicates a Missed event was Changed or Corrected.

It's easy to check back to see what was done.



Your Personal Medical History and Other Health Information can be kept in the 911 feature. It's important to keep the data current at all times and have your PDA with you.

Tap the 911 button anytime you need to quickly access and display the most pertinent information. It's easy to provide answers to questions about your particular condition by scrolling through a few 911 screens.

911 Edit

The 911 Edit screen suggests categories of information that should be recorded in your Personal Medical History.



OnTimeRx® for Palm devices running Palm OS v3.3 or higher. OnTimeRx also works on the latest Palm WebOS phones running the Classic Palm emulator.

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J. Mason, Oregon USA
All alerts are reaching me as they should – even my once a week reminder. Thank you for making this program. It is great & for a great price.

I will recommend it to anybody else that needs such a program. Jim

OnTimeRx® software can turn nearly any PDA into a powerful reminder tool for managing any medication regimen - simple or complex.

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