OnTimeRx® for Windows Desktop Product Tour

OnTimeRx® for Windows is a new stand-alone software application for people who spend a lot of time at their computer - either at home or at work. Use it for alerts on your monitor or use it to synchronize your OnTimeRx® data with your Palm and Pocket PC.
This program runs in the background, 24 hours a day, so the computer must be left on for the alarm screens to display and work properly.

Now you can access these features in our Menu:

  • Printout your 911 Health Data
  • Print the MyMeds List
  • Export your Log data to Excel



This is the Welcome or Home screen of OnTimeRx® for Windows. Click on any button to begin entering your medication and other health data. This software is simple to use. Helpful instructions and explanations are found throughout the program.



This is the Medication entry screen. Enter a drug name and strength and then Tab through the other fields and enter or select the proper information. For information on any screen, click on the "?" button.


Medication Reminder and Supply

This is the Medication Reminder and Supply screen. An alarm will sound and this window will popup when it is time to take a medication. Click on Yes to record taking the dose. Click on the Days Supply box to see the remaining supply on hand on each alarm screen. It's easy to call the pharmacy to order more from this screen.


To Do Reminder

This is a To Do Reminder screen. An alarm will sound and this window will popup when it is time to do this activity. Click on Yes to record that the activity was done.


Pill Time

The PillTime screen displays everything you have scheduled ToDoToday. Use the Change date arrows to see what is scheduled for other dates or click Go To: and select a specific date.


Log Data

OnTimeRx® Log Data can be displayed in an Excel table. This data can be printed for documentation.


OnTimeRx® for Windows runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 computers and interfaces with Palm and Pocket PC or Windows Mobile hand held devices and smart phones.

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Kathleen deJoseph, a cancer patient in Connecticut says:
I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the OnTimeRx phone service is! I can't even imagine how many pills I would have missed if it weren't for these calls. I Absolutely think everyone should know about this.

OnTimeRx® software can turn nearly any PDA into a powerful reminder tool for managing any medication regimen - simple or complex.

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