The Prescription for Taking Medicine on Time

Last Updated June 16, 2020

Our mission is to provide affordable products and services for improving the quality of life and healthcare outcomes of patients with a variety of medical needs.

NOTE: The information provided on OnTimeRx® is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his or her physician.

OnTimeRx reminder mobile apps and services were created more than 10 years ago by Susan Torrico, a licensed pharmacist who had 35 years of experience. Today, OnTimeRx is owned and operated by Arteric.

Arteric is a digital pharmaceutical and biotechnology advertising agency based in Summit, NJ.

Medication can work only if patients actually take it. Ideally, the patient would follow the dosing instructions exactly: always taking the right dose of the right medication at the right time. Unfortunately, many patients and caregivers find it hard to adhere to these instructions. Medication nonadherence is a well-documented and very complex healthcare problem that leads to billions of dollars of additional healthcare costs every year in the United States.

In developing our technologies, we at Arteric set out to create a patient-focused compliance system that would be simple enough to be used by everyone. In 1997, we developed a proprietary handheld timer device with software for setting reminder alarms. This system was field-tested by a local transplant center. It improved compliance from 50% to 85%, which encouraged us to proceed.

About this same time, Palm Inc. introduced the popular PalmPilot handheld devices. We saw the benefits of utilizing this technology and had our software rebuilt for the Palm OS® platform. The resulting software is an award-winning medication reminder application that satisfies very specific patient needs and runs on hardware that is used all over the world. OnTimeRx® is recognized as the premier application for managing medications. It is a featured personal healthcare software program on all major Palm OS® vendor sites.

We are very excited about our current generation of technology, OnTimeRx® Automated Reminders, which is a Web-based reminder scheduling and notification service for phones, pagers, and email. OnTimeRx® is now able to meet the reminder needs of millions of people by using text messages, emails, and text-to-speech technology.

If you would like reminders or a patient adherence program for your clinical trial, patients, or a family member, please contact us.

What do our happy customers say about OnTimeRx®?

Testimonial from Larry Mullette, Billings, MT
I have been using OnTimeRX on my Palm PDA for the last few years and can only say that it is in a class by itself. I had never taken the step to purchase the Windows version until recently. When my Palm died, the only thing that I really missed was the OnTimeRX. I felt like I had lost a limb. Being able to access my medication records on my PC was a real relief.

I have been using this program to track not only my current medications, but also ones that I have used in the past. Due to several medical problems, the doctors have been doing a great deal of trial and error to get combinations of medications that will work for me. I would use the "Notes" feature to list dates used, side effects and any other information that might be necessary when talking to the doctor.

The ability to remind me of multiple medications and times to take them was a great help to me. Also to be able to track the number or pills remaining as well as the number or refills available is extremely helpful.

While there are many similar programs available out there, this is the only one that is worth spending time or money on. I can highly recommend this program and the customer service as the best there is. Everyone taking multiple medications should be using this and also showing it to their family, friends, physicians, and pharmacists. Thank you for being there to help.

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