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Comment from Kelly Hassell, Bremerton WA
I love the desktop program. I especially like the feature that keeps track of your pills. It takes the guesswork out of figuring when to reorder refills.

I had used this program before on my Palm and I just loved it so much that I decided to see if there was one for my computer. It works great! Thank you.

I LOVE this app!! Janice Allen, a Florida nurse
As a nurse, I've recommended this program to many people. On the personal side, it's been a godsend! I have multiple chronic illnesses myself. Consequently I take 27 rxs which are frequently changed, see 13 diffierent doctors, and am in the hospital every 10-14 days. This app helps tremendously. In fact, it's literally been a life-saver because if I miss even just 3-4 doses, it turns into a life-threatening situation. So I thank you for creating this app!

J. Mason, Oregon USA
All alerts are reaching me as they should – even my once a week reminder. Thank you for making this program. It is great & for a great price.

I will recommend it to anybody else that needs such a program. Jim

C. Daniel, San Antonio, TX USA
Thank you for making this very intelligent program. I surfed the internet to locate the program that's the best for me, and this is the best program available.

OnTimeRx is very helpful in scheduling my medications and now I will be able to monitor my health better. By not worrying when or if I took my medications, it makes life a little better, too.

Thanks again for your great software.

Testimonial from Larry Mullette, Billings, MT
I have been using OnTimeRX on my Palm PDA for the last few years and can only say that it is in a class by itself. I had never taken the step to purchase the Windows version until recently. When my Palm died, the only thing that I really missed was the OnTimeRX. I felt like I had lost a limb. Being able to access my medication records on my PC was a real relief.

I have been using this program to track not only my current medications, but also ones that I have used in the past. Due to several medical problems, the doctors have been doing a great deal of trial and error to get combinations of medications that will work for me. I would use the "Notes" feature to list dates used, side effects and any other information that might be necessary when talking to the doctor.

The ability to remind me of multiple medications and times to take them was a great help to me. Also to be able to track the number or pills remaining as well as the number or refills available is extremely helpful.

While there are many similar programs available out there, this is the only one that is worth spending time or money on. I can highly recommend this program and the customer service as the best there is. Everyone taking multiple medications should be using this and also showing it to their family, friends, physicians, and pharmacists. Thank you for being there to help.

R. McAndrew, Canada
I use OTRx - for Palm and desktop - several times each day and had to access my 911 info for no less than five ER events last year. Extremely helpful software!

A Pharmacist, Greensboro, NC
I HIGHLY recommend OnTimeRx to my patients.

Richard Hamilton, RN
It's easy to use and very handy with the desk top program.

Lisa Orban, PhD Pediatric Infectious Diseases Researcher
This clever little program does everything except order the medication. Healthcare providers and adherence counselors now have a sophisticated, yet user-friendly tool to recommend to adults and teens alike.

The Use of PDAs to Improve Treatment Adherence in Patients with Diabetes
A small group of primary care researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine Department of Family & Community Medicine looked at ways to improve adherence to medication treatment plans. Dr. William Curry, MD, MS conducted a randomized trial in participants with diabetes who were taking three or more medications. He recruited over 100 adults. Those participating were randomly assigned to an intervention group or a control group. Each group had their medications counted on a monthly basis for six months. The intervention group received a PDA - personal digital assistant - with the OnTimeRx medication reminder software. Dr Curry's theory was that those using the PDA tool would be better adherent to their medication schedules and show better control of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

This study was preceded by a pilot study in the fall of 2005, in which 10 individuals aged 36 to 87 years participated in a one month trial using the PDA and OnTimeRx software. Adherence for those using the PDA device exceeded 95% in almost all participants, with a 97% rate in the eldest participant.

Chardonai, Tucson, AZ
I am a heart transplant recipient and must take medication routinely. I was prescribed 3 different eye drops when I contracted shingles, and the scheduling problem was a nightmare! One was used every hour, one was every 3 hours, and one was every 4 hours. Very confusing!!! I needed help, and was thrilled and appreciative when I discovered and began using OnTimeRx. It was exactly what I needed.

Craig McDonald, NJ USA
Again, I must say thank you for all of your help. Your application is a great tool for maintaining a good life. My story is this: I went to the emergency room awhile back for a persistent cough. As standard procedure, they took my blood pressure. At that time, my pressure was 225/185. I thought the machine was broken so I asked for another reader. Same thing happened on this machine. It read 225/185. Nurse said I should have been having a stroke or dead. I felt fine other than the cough. I spent 4 days in the hospital going through techniques and medicine to get my blood pressure down and maintainable.

This is where your application comes into help. I set up reoccurring tasks in Outlook to remind me to take pills and have them sync with my Palm as a constant reminder. Great idea in concept, except the reoccurring tasks kept failing for me with the third party task manager I had. I wouldn't get the reminder to take my pill. One of the pills I have to take can cause a stroke if I miss taking it. So by having your application as a working reminder helps me maintain my good life.

Thanks for your help, sincerely!

Keith Mitchell comments about OnTime RX:
I have problems with my short-term memory and always forget to take my medicine as directed. OntimeRX has solved that problem. I keep my PDA with me and set the alarm to remind me which medicines to take at what time. Also on my last trip to the hospital the nurse was able to get all of my medical and personal information that I had listed under my 911 info. That really helped as I was short of breath and could not answer very well. Thanks OntimeRX.

Mary Bauer of NY wrote:
I did many, many searches on the Internet for a medication reminder and then I found OnTimeRx. It does exactly what I need it to. I have to remember to take each dose (even if I am not home) when to call the Dr. for meds or appointments, or when to call pharmacy for a refill, and even when to go get it. I'm telling all my doctors and providers who work with the disabled about this program. And the circles we travel in would certainly be interested in both the cell/e-mail reminders and the pc/handheld software!

Brian Capewell wrote again:
Visited my Doctor at the hospital today and told him about your OnTimeRx Program. He said it sounds just the job for some more of his patients. It's working like a dream for me.

Kathleen deJoseph, a cancer patient in Connecticut says:
I just had to write again and thank you for the wonderful [OnTimeRx phone] service you supply. I have been taking medication four times a day since November 2006. More often than not, I would forget one or two pills daily. My sister told me about your service and arranged for me to get it. Now, if I'm at a birthday party, having friends over, or driving on the highway I get my reminder. It takes the pressure off of me. Thanks again!

Brian Capewell, of the UK wrote:
Have got my Dad to purchase OnTimeRx for Windows and Palm, too. Been showing him how to use all morning, he also thinks it is an excellent program. Mine is working just brilliant. 'Like father- like son!'

Kathleen deJoseph, a cancer patient in Connecticut says:
I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the OnTimeRx phone service is! I can't even imagine how many pills I would have missed if it weren't for these calls. I Absolutely think everyone should know about this.

R.R., a young mother and long-time OTRx user wrote:
Thank you so much for your help and for this GREAT program! I use it even more now that I have two small children; it reminds me of all kinds of things for them both.

Lindsay S. wrote:
I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy so I have to take lots of drugs. I now have a toddler, so I am very busy with him. If I did not have the [OnTimeRx] program on my Pocket PC, I know I would be lost. I would never have thought that a 27 year old would have memory problems, but I am that person when it comes to taking pills. Thank you so much. Love the product.

Richard Hamilton, a nurse says: 6/7/2006
I found this software after I had a heart attack, and I highly recommend it to anyone. It's easy to use and very handy with the desk top program. Besides my heart meds, I am also a chronic pain patient and must take as many as 15 different meds at all different times. Thanks to OnTimeRx, I have missed none. My doctors think your program is great, too.

David Gurney, a nurse and a transplant patient in London.
This program is keeping my transplanted kidney alive and well! I heartily recommend this software. The alarms will train you into the habit of taking your medication. The support is brilliant and the PC based application helps you prove to your Dr that your are taking your drugs :-)

A. Bornstein (a retired psychiatrist)
This new version is really super! There are a great number of new features that will be beneficial for my patients. Many have told me that their compliance is much better since using OnTimeRx. Very well thought out program.

Craig Jones, a user since 3/2002 says:
This program is the best tool I have ever downloaded. I use it with pleasure and have beamed it to several others. The upgrade is great. I don't know how you could improve on it.

A Pharmacist from Greensboro, NC USA, 2005-04-01
I'm a pharmacist and have personally used OnTimeRx since 2003 on a PALM and switched to PPC in 2004. I HIGHLY recommend it to people who have complicated drug regimens (e.g., Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, HIV/AIDS, and Transplant patients). But it can also be used by people who have simple regimens as well. It is VERY user friendly and you don't have to be a genius to operate it.

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