OnTimeRx® Has the Perfect B2C Tool for Building Adherence

OnTimeRx® is an award-winning reminder app that thousands of patients use multiple times every day to successfully manage medications and other health-related activities. With unique reminder alarms and dosage logging features, this is the app that enables your customers take their medications properly.

OnTimeRx® Free provides unlimited drug entries with ads.
OnTimeRx® Pro is also unlimited with no ads.
OnTimeRx® Lite is limited to 4 drug entries with ads.

Provide these OnTimeRx® Free downloads on your website and deliver your own messages multiple times every day!

  • App dropdowns can be customized by the provider or the end-user.
  • App can be fully localized in other languages to serve your customer’s ethnic needs.
  • App can be "white labeled" and pre-populated with specific medications and product information.
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Your customers will thank you for providing the perfect tool that enables them to be better patients.

OnTimeRx® Has the Perfect Solution for These Professionals

Primary Healthcare Providers

  • OnTimeRx® Reminder Products and Services offer simple and effective patient-focused tools that provide real solutions to compliance barriers for non-compliant patients.
  • Healthcare providers can confidently recommend OnTimeRx® Reminder Products and Services to patients. This field-tested concept and value-added service has been proven to improve outcomes for a variety of practice settings and specialties.
  • Patients who utilize this technology are better able to follow complex orders and become a better patient and a vital part of the healthcare team.
  • Better informed and committed patients reduce the time required for doctors, nurses or pharmacists to explain new or changed drug therapy.
  • Doctors and EMT personnel can review a patient’s personal medication lists and medical history records directly on the patient’s smartphone (with permission to access).
  • Current compliance rates and dosing data can also be viewed on the patient’s Log.

Managed Care Providers

  • OnTimeRx® software and OnTimeRx® Reminder Services promote compliance and improve patient outcomes, which results in fewer costly hospitalizations.
  • Patients who utilize reminders will achieve better compliance, which helps contain healthcare costs in general, and justifies coverage of this value-added service.
  • Reminders can provide an improved standard of care for little additional cost.
  • Patient-focused reminders can be utilized in a "team approach" to managed healthcare.
  • Individualized care reminder plans enable special needs patients to stay on track.

Home Health and Assisted Living Providers

  • OnTimeRx® Automated Phone Reminders provide stress-free and consistent medication management.
  • Reminders can be used by patients or by non-medical personnel for tracking medications and other activities of daily living.
  • Providing and documenting the use of Reminder Services can facilitate reimbursement.
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Craig McDonald, NJ USA
Again, I must say thank you for all of your help. Your application is a great tool for maintaining a good life. My story is this: I went to the emergency room awhile back for a persistent cough. As standard procedure, they took my blood pressure. At that time, my pressure was 225/185. I thought the machine was broken so I asked for another reader. Same thing happened on this machine. It read 225/185. Nurse said I should have been having a stroke or dead. I felt fine other than the cough. I spent 4 days in the hospital going through techniques and medicine to get my blood pressure down and maintainable.

This is where your application comes into help. I set up reoccurring tasks in Outlook to remind me to take pills and have them sync with my Palm as a constant reminder. Great idea in concept, except the reoccurring tasks kept failing for me with the third party task manager I had. I wouldn't get the reminder to take my pill. One of the pills I have to take can cause a stroke if I miss taking it. So by having your application as a working reminder helps me maintain my good life.

Thanks for your help, sincerely!

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