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For People and Pets

OnTimeRx® software is designed for individual users, but it can be used for more than one member of a family. An alarm will sound for each scheduled dose of medication - no matter who is supposed to take those doses.
Always read each alarm screen carefully to avoid dosing errors.

The primary user should enter his or her own medications by Drug Names only. Then use a first initial or other identifier before any Drug Names for any other person or pet. Those meds will be easier to spot on Alarm screens and they'll also be grouped together on the MyMeds list, like this:

Here's how to handle multiple users:

  • Multivitamin
  • Stresstabs
  • R-Multivitamin
  • R-Toprol-XL
  • R-Zocor 40mg
  • W-Stresstabs
  • W-Synthroid
  • W-Tylenol

Pets are special "family members" who depend on you for their care. OnTimeRx® will faithfully remind you to give every dose of your pet's pills - and daily, weekly, or monthly doses are no problem.

Pet meds can be handled like this:

  • Cat - Flea spray
  • Cat - MSM Pwd
  • Dog - Flea Dip
  • Dog - Heartworm

All doses are logged, so it's easy to tell when each dose was given. Schedule all pet-related activities and set reminders for routine vet visits, rabies shots, and grooming appointments in addition.

One OnTimeRx® owner had a near-miss with his new boxer puppies. His story is an excellent example of how OnTimeRx® can play a vital and important part in pet care. John wrote:

I felt it was important to say "Job well done! And Thank You" for OnTimeRx.

Our household is one of the most challenging environments imaginable for any medication program. Between my wife, myself, and fourteen Boxer pups (all from the same litter!), we have a grand total of 54 medications and nutritional supplements that we MUST administer daily!

Two weeks after the Boxers were born, we almost lost them because my wife and I both administered the same medication without knowing that the other had already done it (end result... $300.00 hole in the wallet but the pups are fine).

I immediately started looking for Palm software that would run on my Kyocera QCP6035 and would keep track of medications. When I found OnTimeRx, I promptly went out and purchased an M125 for my wife so that we could both keep track of all our meds!

Many other OnTimeRx® owners have written asking how they can use the program for their pets' pills and shots, and they also want to use it to schedule medications for other family members as well. See FAQ about Multiple-Users.