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35 Phone/SMS Reminders + Email for $9.95
70 Phone/SMS Reminders + Email for $14.95
100 Phone/SMS Reminders + Email for $19.95
200 Phone/SMS Reminders + Email for $29.95
5 Day Trial Phone/SMS Reminder for $1.00
1 Year Email Reminders for $9.95
10 Day Trial Email Reminders for FREE!


If you need simple vocal reminders for medications or "wake up" calls, choose a monthly Phone/SMS plan with the number of reminder calls you'll need each month. Phone reminders work on any phone – cell or land line – and are especially helpful for seniors.


If you want text message reminders, choose a Phone/SMS plan with the number of SMS reminders you'll need each month. SMS reminders work on any smart phone with an existing data plan, such as: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm.


All monthly Phone/SMS plans include email reminders that can be sent to any email address Inbox - on your PC or smartphone, such as: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm. Email reminders can also be used as a back up or extra reminder with phone and SMS reminder calls.

If you only need email reminders, the Yearly Email Reminder plan is your best choice.

If you are purchasing software you need an account to generate your unlock key and store your license.

If you are subscribing to our reminder service, you need an account because this is where you will manage your reminders. You will create, update and delete your reminders as well as access your reminder history through this account.

For both groups, you will be able to browse your purchase history and purchase additional products and services.