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OnTimeRx® is a simple and effective tool for managing any medication schedule and has earned respect and praise from thousands of loyal Palm and Windows Mobile users around the world. Described by many as a genuine lifesaver, OnTimeRx® will become an important and vital part of your healthcare routine.

OnTimeRx® for Windows Mobile (PocketPC) is the BEST medication reminder available. OnTimeRx® is easy to set up and a pleasure to use. This simple and effective tool was developed by a pharmacist to let you manage your meds like a Pro. With reminders for all of your doses and other health-related activities, award-winning OnTimeRx® will simplify your life. Alarms are unlimited and scheduling is totally flexible so you can manage any medication schedule - simple or complex.

Launched in 2005, and described by many as a genuine lifesaver, OnTimeRx® will quickly become an important and vital part of your healthcare routine. OnTimeRx® works on most touchscreen PPC and Windows Mobile devices.

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Reminders When You Need Them

OnTimeRx enables you to easily manage any medication schedule around the clock. Simply read the alarm screen, do what it says, and tap "Yes" when done.

  • Take each dose of medicine on time
  • Log your alarm responses automatically
  • Check your remaining days supply for each drug
  • Check compliance rates for each drug and overall

Manage Your Medical History

Having your Meds list and 911info current and readily available can save valuable time in an emergency.

  • MyMeds button displays a complete list of every drug you take
  • 911 data includes Allergies, Surgeries and Procedures, Hospital Stays
  • List your Doctors, Primary Contacts, and other Special Cautions
  • Sensitive personal health data can be PIN-protected


OnTimeRx® for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices running WM 2000 through WM 6.

R. McAndrew, Canada
I use OTRx - for Palm and desktop - several times each day and had to access my 911 info for no less than five ER events last year. Extremely helpful software!

OnTimeRx® software can turn nearly any PDA into a powerful reminder tool for managing any medication regimen - simple or complex.

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